Library collections

The library has fiction literature, non-fiction literature, newspapers and magazines, music, movies, audio books, e-music and e-books available for loan.


Books on the ground floor: Novels, poetry, drama books, comic books, audio books, children's literature

Books on the first floor: Non-fiction literature, language courses, dictionaries, reference collection, special collections, hobbies.


The library has a collection of e-books and streaming audio books. The e-books are mainly in Swedish but also in Finnish and English.  Access to e-books requires authentication with your library card and a pin code. The loan period is 7/28 days. Access to the e-book expires after its due date.

  • Ellibs- e-books mainly in Finnish
  • Elib- e-books and streaming audio books mainly in Swedish


The library has a collection of over 3500 films on DVD and Blu-ray. You'll find movies both for children and adults. The loan period is 14 days.


The library music department has an extensive collection of sound recordings and sheet music. The loan period is 30 days.

Newspapers and magazines

Recent copies of newspapers and magazines are located in the newspaper reading room, which can be visited during Library opening hours. You may also read newspapers on the internet. PressReader provides you with today's newspapers from more than 150 countries. The service offers instant translation as well as sound integration. ePress provides you with today's newspapers from Finland. The resources may be accessed from any library computer.

  • PressReader- today's newspaper from more than 150 countries
  • ePress- today's newspapers from Finland