Borrower services

The Jakobstad City Library borrower services.

All those living in Finland can obtain a library card by presenting an official identity card.

The Library card - conditions of use

  • Library cards are issued free of charge
  • To obtain a Library card, you must present a picture ID, verification of your name,address and signature and complete a Library Card Application Form
  • Please contact us if you lose your Library card
  • A small fee is charged for a new card.
  • Signing the card means you comply with all library rules and policies
  • Signing the card means you are responsible of use and return of all library materials
  • Customers 14 years of age or younger must have their cards signed by their parent or guardian.
  • As a parent or guardian you are responsible for the materials borrowed by your child

Circulation of library materials

  • Loan periods vary according to the type of material borrowed but are never longer than four weeks
  • The date for return is printed on the date due receipt
  • Loans can be renewed up to a maximum of five times.
  • Books will not renew if they have been recalled by another library user
  • An overdue fine will be charged for overdue library material
  • You may place a hold on a book that is not currently available
  • A book that is not available in the library collection can be requested from another library by regional or interlibrary loan. A fee is charged for each regional or interlibrary loan request.

Loan periods

  • DVD, Blu-ray and videocassettes 14 days
  • CD-ROM discs 14 days
  • Course books 14 days
  • Magazines (Newspaper Reading Room) 14 days
  • Other library materials 30 days

Fines and Fees

Overdue fines

  • Overdue fine per day and item - € 0.20
  • Maximum fine per item - € 5.00
  • Maximum accumulated fine - € 15.00

Photocopies and printouts

  • Black and white printouts/photocopies - € 0,30/page
  • Colour printouts/photocopies - € 0,50/page

Other fees

  • Regional loans € 2.00 per item.
  • Interlibrary loans € 5.00 per item. (Copies of articles € 5.00 per item or more)
  • Replacement Library Card € 3,50

Lost or Damaged Material

  • The borrower is liable to compensate for any lost or damaged material
  • You may be asked to replace it with similar material or to pay the cost for replacing this material as set by the library.
  • CD-ROM discs or DVDs can not be replaced due to copyright restrictions
  • Fees or fines that have already been made are not refunded
  • Late payment reminder fee: € 5.00

Regional and Interlibrary loans

A book that is not available in the library collection can be requested from another library by regional or interlibrary loan. Regional and Interlibrary Loan request forms are available at the Library Information Desk on the first floor. You may also request regional and interlibrary loans by e-mail to

Please include the following details in your request:

  • Title of Book or Journal
  • Book Author(s)
  • Year of Publication
  • ISBN
  • Your own Name, Phone Number and E-mail.

A € 2.00 fee per item will be charged for each Regional loan requested (loans from Fredrika libraries and Vaasa City Library)

A € 5.00 fee per item will be charged for each Interlibrary loan requested (Copies of articles € 5.00 per item or more).

Lending to Other Libraries

  • Requests may be made by phone or e-mail.
  • The borrowing library pays for postage when returning an item
  • The following items are not available for loan: Course Books, Reference Materials, Theses, Books from the Special Collections of the library